Affordable Connectivity Program

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What is Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?

The Affordable Connectivity Program is an FCC benefit program. It helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more.

In most cases, the benefit will completely cover the connectivity plan, leaving you with a balance of $0 to pay. We take care of submitting the claim, giving you more time to connect to the internet.

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Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) offering is a government benefit program. It is operated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which provides discounts on monthly broadband Internet access service and certain connected devices.  ACP service is limited to one per household and is non-transferable. Proof of income or qualified program participation may be required for enrollment.  ACP services and devices are subject to consumer eligibility and approval, provider participation and product availability.  For more information, click

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